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Rancho Llano Seco


Incorporated in 1861, Rancho Llano Seco is a 150-year-old, sixth-generation family farm on the edge of the Sacramento River.  The farm has a rich history of balancing agriculture, livestock husbandry and conservation.  Its pigs, which are a cross of Duroc, Yorkshire and Landrace breeds, are fed non-GMO vegetarian grains and legumes, 75% of which are grown within a few miles of the barns.  The pigs are raised in deep-bedded hoop barns with continual access to large open air pastures with plenty of sunshine and a great view of the California Buttes. The environment in which the animals are raised is a “zero-waste” community, and all bedding is composted and applied to Rancho pastures.  The meat has no antibiotics or growth hormones, and the animals are humanely treated with best practices as certified by the Global Animal Partnership. 


Harkening back to a time when butchery was a craft and home food preservation was the norm, Llano Seco honors the traditions of historic European and American kitchens in its smoking and salting, and in its use of celery salt for the curing process. The Rancho’s line of fresh sausages features two regions of France; Alsace, in the northeast and Toulouse, to the south.  The Alsatian sausage has many influences from its neighbor Germany with familiar warming spices (clove, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon).  The traditional Toulouse, French Country sausage is mixed with Llano Seco uncured bacon, thyme, garlic and red wine and is a Rancho favorite!
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