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The lambs of Cascade Creek are grass fed and raised on vineyards in the coastal, mountain and valley regions of the West Coast.  They graze in picturesque pastures and enjoy the nutrient-rich, fertile grasses.  The lambs are rotated from one pristine field to the next and are never exposed to harsh elements.  Raising the flock in this simple and humane way assures consumers are getting a product as pure as nature. 

Fresh air, rich soil and natural greens indigenous to the region make up the lambs’ diet.  Some of these fields are active vineyards, which creates a mutually beneficial relationship between winemaker and rancher.  The flock is nourished with nutrient-rich vegetation naturally occurring beneath the vines while the winemaker is provided a natural solution for ground maintenance and fertilization.  Cascade Creek lambs are passionately cared for by family farmers, who raise each flock in harmony with nature. The 100% grass-fed lambs are pasture-raised with no antibiotics or added hormones.  The result is a product that is high in omega 3s and absolutely delicious.

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