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4K RANCH - 100% Grass Fed Beef Pasture Raised in Stillwater Montana

4k Cattle Ranch at ROAM Butcher Shop

THE RANCH:  4K Ranch is a family cattle ranch in Stillwater, Montana, where for five generations, ranchers have been humanely raising some of the most sought after 100% grass fed and grass-finished beef. The ranch is situated at the base of the Beartooth Mountains on one of the highest and most spectacular alpine plateaus in the country. Using traditional agricultural methods, and allowing the cattle to roam freely, the ranchers at 4K let nature do most of the work. The density of perennial wildflowers that flourish alongside the grasses at this high altitude provide a nutrient-rich food source for the animals that thrive in the open pastures.

HEALTHY PLANET: 4K's commitment to natural grass-grazing practices keeps it at the forefront of sustainability by promoting soil and water conservation, while simultaneously creating meat that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, and lower in saturated fat and calories than conventionally raised beef.

Enjoy exceptional beef that is rich in flavor, tender, well-marbled, nutrient-dense and humanely raised. No hormones. No antibiotics. Just grass!

4k Ranch in Montana - Grass Fed Beef


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